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Leveraging the power of email and SMS marketing we send inbound requests for reviews straight to the customer if we didn't get them in person.

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Google Reviews are key to your business success, signaling trust and quality that drive customer decisions and boost your Google search prominence. A strong star rating amplifies click-through rates, drawing potential customers to your business. Coupled with our innovative tap technology, garnering positive feedback becomes simple and instant, fueling your visibility and growth. In a nutshell, Google Reviews and our tap technology together transform your business into a beacon of trust and quality, helping it shine brightly in the digital landscape.

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Unlock the potential of your satisfied customers! TAPPFunnels Review Generator makes leaving feedback a breeze, ensuring that the 83% who don't give feedback due to hesitation or complexity can Now effortlessly contribute to boosting your online reputation with 5-star ratings.

Your Reputation depends on Customer Reviews

of customers compare Google suggestions when choosing a company, restaurant, etc. based on:

of satisfied customers don't give feedback because they don't think about it, don't know how to go about it, or it takes too long.

of Happy customers will leave a review of your company if asked.

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MEGATAPP For Business

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Review Generator Signs, Custom Landing Page

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Before TAPPFunnels, the accepted way to exchange information with someone was to hand them a paper business card or give them your phone number to manually type info in. We saw an opportunity here to use technology instead of paper to create a new way for humans to connect with one another…

We see a future where every team and individual can seamsly connect using a all-in-one platform, bridging the gap between in-person relationships and online connections.

A huge part our culture at TAPPFunnels is focusing on sustainable solutions that help the environment. TAPPFunnels uses technology instead of wasteful paper to connect professionals, saving forests around the world Goodbye paper Business cards, hello TAPPFunnels. 

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