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Google reviews are your business's golden ticket. Tappfunnels is the magic wand to get more of them organically, making your excellent service stand out without a big budget. Don't just sell a product; sell an experience. Let Tappfunnels guide you to a thriving business by showcasing your greatness to the world.

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A easy way to leave a google review

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Your Reputation depends on Customer Reviews

of customers compare Google suggestions when choosing a company, restaurant, etc. based on:

of satisfied customers don't give feedback because they don't think about it, don't know how to go about it, or it takes too long.

of Happy customers will leave a review of your company if asked.

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5 Inch Diameter Stick On Review Generator MEGATAPP.


Stand Alone 9 Inch Tall Review Generator SMARSign

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TAPPFunnels SMART Bundle

Stand Alone SMARSign & MEGATAPP Review Generator

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Multiply Your Reviews In Just Days

Unlock the potential of your satisfied customers! TAPPFunnels Review Generator makes leaving feedback a breeze, ensuring that the 83% who don't give feedback due to hesitation or complexity can Now effortlessly contribute to boosting your online reputation with 5-star ratings.

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Google Reviews aren’t just comments; they’re the secret sauce that propels your business to the top in online searches. 

Imagine every positive review as a vote, convincing Google that your business is the go-to in your industry. When customers search for services nearby, these reviews become the beacon that guides them straight to your doorstep. 

It’s not just about being seen; it’s about being the first choice. Embrace the power of reviews because, in the digital age, they’re the golden ticket to making your business the star of the show.

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These products have been a game changer! I am outranking my competitors on every level and more importantly getting tons of customers in the door from the increased reviews.

Mike Catell Entrepreneur

Amazing! Over 100 new reviews over the weekend for our launch! Can't Wait To Keep Climbing to the top of Google

Sean Brown Entrepreneur

I can't believe the results from my MEGATAPP! I used it for a short time and gained over 18 reviews in 5 days. It's a must for businesses!

James Taylor Small Business Owner

My Google reviews have gone through the roof, and it helped my ranking a ton! We set a goal for 1,000 5 star reviews by years end.

DeAnna Hamn Small Business Owner

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